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It is a type of chroni constipation in which there is difficulty in passing stools when it reaches the rectum. Symptoms are:

  • Increased frequency of motions
  • Excessive straining while defecation
  • Incomplete evacuation
  • Regular use of enemas/laxatives
  • History of digitations,fragmented defecations.

Many people with chronic constipation suffer from Obstructed Defecation Syndrome (ODS) a condition where the affected person has a normal desire to defecate but is unable to do so without increased straining, repetitive visits to the toilet,manual digitation, routine use of laxatives or enemas. So, if diagnosed early, ODS can be treated medically by Biofeedback & pelvic floor physiotherapy. The procedure is done with the help of a specially designed Manometer attached to a computer. Biofeedback is routinely offered abroad and HHC jaipur and Pune are two of the few facilities that provide this treatment in India. For severe constipation wherein Biofeedback does not work, STARR ( ( Stapled Trans Anal Rectal Resection) procedure is the treatment of choice.

STARR Surgery

The STARR procedure is minimally invasive and requires no external incisions.Patients do not have to worry about any visible scars and their day to day life is not hampered because hospitalization duration is only 24 hrs.During the procedure ,deformities and defects causing constipation are removed with the aid of a surgical stapler.

STARR surgery is also the procedure of choice for patients suffering from Rectal Prolapse