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Why Jaipur?

  • Jaipur, the enchanting capital of the astonishing and royal state of Rajasthan, is one of the Most well planned cities in India. The city itself is an attractive creation worthy of worldwide adulation.
  • There is a presence of amplitude in the natives lifestyle and diet. The quote is not only sweet but they have sweet heart also. This is the reason why our foreigner patients who come from different countries sens the affection and a warm atmosphere with us. The captivating city with its romantic charm takes you to an era of royalty and tradition. Due to the beautiful architecture and colour combination which runs across, the city has earned Jaipur the title of “The Pink City”.
  • In the end of the nineties, some like-minded people with notch bright careers in multifarious professions had a view of mounting a Health Care Organisation to provide best medical facility for the people of North Western States of India. This is how begins Jyoti Nursing Home.
  • Over the last some decades of operation, our hospital has earned a huge name and fame across the North Western Region of our country. The institutional doctrine simply revolves around being patient pivotal and service in excellence.


  • Our team understands very well that seeking medical tourism outside your home country or home town can be a great defiance for you and your patients. Our team of Jyoti Nursing Home understands this completely since we have been conveying world class treatment to our international patients for more than a decade. Our international care team strives to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your stay in India.
  • Our team at International Patient Lounge can help in making lodging reservations suitable to you and also provides facilities like Airport transfers, Visa assistance, Travel arrangements, Accommodations for Patients and Companions, International Staff Translators, coordination of all medical appointments, internet with wifi, lockers, mobile Sim cards, lockers, shopping & recreational options and cuisine the to suit your palate. We also provide assistance in arranging accommodation before admission and post hospital discharge, for the patients and companions. Our relationship manager will convey you all nearby hotel details according to your comfort and budget prior to your flight.
  • Keeping in mind patients comfort and safety for staying, our hospital has all the necessary arrangements in a suitable manner. You’ll have a choice of selecting from your range of semi-deluxe, deluxe, super-deluxe room all catering to your almost comfort, during your stay with us. We also provide assistance in arranging accommodation before admission and post hospital discharge, for the patients and companions.


  • Every year, thousands of nations, internationals patients are treated in Jyoti Nursing Home. We understand that seeking medical treatment outside home country can be a physically & emotionally exhausting experience but we ensure that you not only free at home during you stay but also to ensure you return to you country in good health.
  • We try our level best to provide you with information about our procedures, doctors and hospital throughout our website. On Considering Jyoti nursing home as one of your destination of choice for medical care, you should plan you trip.
    We aim to respond to every query within 48 hours. For International patients travelling abroad for medical treatment for the first time our relationship manager will help you to plan your journey. In case of any query please full free to relationship manager.
  • We also offer pick up facility from Airport, Railway Station or Bus Stand to you Room. After your arrival at Jyoti Nursing Home our relationship manager can help you with room arrangements, according to you preferred budget for advance booking you would need confirm us you date and time of arrival in India for a reputed guest house or a hotel, or a room itself in Jyoti Nursing Home.